Specialized Angi

Specialized has transformed the bicycle helmet into a live tracking device, crash detector, and safety beacon.

Their helmets not only add protection, they’re also the only helmets designed to connect you to help when you need it most.

They just reinvented the helmet.

Jim Johnson
 B&B Bicycles Trek Team member and Sponsor-Jim Johnson Group.

Riding "The Wall" at The Paluxy Pedal last weekend. Loving my Coros helmet I got at B&B. Bluetooth to iPhone. It tells me turn by turn directions from Ride With GPS, listen to music or podcasts while riding and you can still hear traffic, traffic, riders talking etc.Talking on the phone is amazing. People say it does not sound like you're riding a bike, very clear. And no I do not do music or talk on the phone much while riding, but I have tested it and it works! Turn by turn directions on a gravel ride I did were very handy as I did not get lost!

Trek Verve+

Verve+ Lowstep is an electric hybrid bike designed for comfort on commutes, daily cruises, and recreational rides. It features a stepthrough style frame for easy mounting and dismounting and a Bosch system capable of sustaining speeds of up to 20 mph. Plus, our most affordable e-bike comes fully stocked with accessories like integrated lights, fenders, and a kickstand!