Smart Cycling Helmet
 is designed to help you get the most enjoyment, awareness and safety out of your ride. With an innovative open ear bone conduction audio system, auto LED tail lights and a smart remote, the OMNI delivers an utmost combination of rider safety and convenience.The ability to connect with your smartphone allows for two-way audio communication. Get instant accessibility with the included smart remote to change music tracks, adjust volume, turn on/off your LED lights, or answer a phone call.

Jim Johnson
 B&B Bicycles Trek Team member and Sponsor-Jim Johnson Group.

Riding "The Wall" at The Paluxy Pedal last weekend. Loving my Coros helmet I got at B&B. Bluetooth to iPhone. It tells me turn by turn directions from Ride With GPS, listen to music or podcasts while riding and you can still hear traffic, traffic, riders talking etc.Talking on the phone is amazing. People say it does not sound like you're riding a bike, very clear. And no I do not do music or talk on the phone much while riding, but I have tested it and it works! Turn by turn directions on a gravel ride I did were very handy as I did not get lost!

We Skipped Fall and Went Straight to Winter!


We just received a large selection of winter gear from your favorites: Bontrager, Specialized & Louis Garneau.

Jackets, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Toe Warmers, Head Warmers & More.
 We have everything to keep you safe and warm.

Trek Domane SL 6 Disc

The Domane SL 6 Disc is an outstanding all-around road bike: race-worthy spec, a lightweight carbon frame, and Front and Rear IsoSpeed for smooth riding on rough roads. Disc brakes provide better modulation and stopping power, so you can adventure onto rougher surfaces with confidence.
Trek didn't skip on the specs: It has a full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain  
This bike has a "go anywhere, do anything" mentality, which makes it the perfect companion for your most epic road adventures.

Trek Domane SL5
Is super versatile and equally suited to racing, club rides, and rough roads  
It's a lightweight carbon bike at an exceptional value, with dependable parts that keep the price in check without compromising performance. It's the most affordable bike with IsoSpeed in both the front and rear.
This is the gateway to adventure road riding, so you better eat a big breakfast—this bike won't quit until you do